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Hypnotherapy for addiction

An addiction is essentially a coping mechanisms that has become a habit, which can then be hard to break because of the unconscious patterns which form around the substance or behaviour.

While your conscious mind might know that the addiction is harmful and you are desperate to stop, the behaviour often persists because of the unconscious aspect of it.

In your hypnotherapy sessions you will learn to:

  • Uncover the real need or desire beneath your dependency.
  • Understand your triggers and how to manage them.
  • Change your associations with the substance/behaviour.
  • Learn to sit with uncomfortable emotions.
  • Install healthier daily habits to replace the dependency.
  • Deal with cravings and urges.
  • Make more conscious and aligned day to day choices.

A unique treatment plan will be developed for each client. Some clients prefer to give up cold turkey, while others want to quit more gradually.

Some of the addictions I treat include:

  • Smoking
  • Binge eating
  • Shopping
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Phone addiction.

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