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Release and Rewire

An 8 week hypnotherapy program for deep inner change

My 8 week program offers a holistic solution for deep internal transformation. It’s for those who are ready to let go, level up and live more intentionally.

If you are like many of my clients, you come to me because you feel stuck, frustrated and sick of not being able to move forward in life in the way that you really want.

You are intelligent and capable, so why do you struggle to feel good enough and to really believe in your own self worth?

Why do you still feel an undercurrent of anxiety even though you’ve read all the books and done so much “work” on yourself?

Why are you still relying on old coping mechanisms to deal with uncertainty and to numb out when you’re feeling down?

You know you have “baggage” from the past that you haven’t been able to fully heal or let go of.

If any of this sounds familiar, I created this program for you.

When you try to change behaviours or patterns on the outside before doing the internal work, you need to rely heavily on will power and force to change. We all know how that goes… really well for a week or so! Then the old habits, coping mechanisms, and self sabotaging patterns are back with a vengeance.

To make real and lasting change, you need to address the underlying causes of the problem, which are always internal. Managing symptoms or just trying to “do it scared”, is only ever a quick fix with short term results.

In my program, I offer you a safe and supportive container to uncover the patterns, emotions and beliefs that are holding you back. We then work to release any emotional baggage from the past that continues to weigh you down. Once the past emotions and patterns have been released, you will experience much more clarity and focus about your path forward. It is from this place that we can then create the underlying foundations for your desired future.

Change happens much more easily when you are no longer tied to the past.

I teach you how to better manage your emotions, calm your nervous system, create space around your thoughts and relate to yourself and others at a whole new level.

The exciting potential you know you have inside you has a real chance to emerge.

When you do the deep work and get clear on what’s important to you, you develop the courage to take action towards the things you want. You also develop the trust in yourself to allow your life to unfold with a sense of ease and flow.

You learn to respond rather than react.

Your underlying state is one of confidence and calm, rather than anxiety and stress.

Whatever your goal is, freedom from anxiety, addiction, coping mechanisms or past hurts, success is truly possible. Real change happens when there is commitment and progress over a period of time, which is what this 8 week container provides.

The emphasis is on progress and consistency, not perfection. I hold the space with clarity, experience and encouragement, so you feel safe and supported knowing I am with you every step of the way.

If you are ready to go on an exciting journey of self-discovery and transformation, please book in for a discovery call here.
Listen to past client Tiana’s experience doing the 8 week program:

This program can be done either in person in Sydney or online, or a combination of both.

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