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Hypnotherapy for PROCRASTINATION

Are you someone with plenty of ideas but no follow through? Do you wait until the last minute to get anything done? Do you sit on the lounge watching TV even though you have a to-do list as long as your arm? You, my friend, are running a pattern of procrastination!

There are many myths surrounding procrastination – that people who procrastinate are lazy, unmotivated or just don’t care enough. While there may be some elements of truth to this, it’s not the full story. There are other underlying issues, which are more likely to be the cause of the problem. Everyone’s reasons for procrastinating will be slightly different, so not all of these will be relevant to each person. Some of these underlying reasons are:

  • Fear of the unknown (when you haven’t done the task before).
  • It feels too hard (it will take effort and you aren’t sure if it’s worth it).
  • Lack of process/steps (you don’t have clarity of how to do the task).
  • Perfectionism (not wanting to make a mistake).
  • Avoidant coping mechanism (avoiding difficult emotions or a complex issue).

Solutions to overcoming procrastination

If you run a pattern of procrastination, you will experience a form of internal conflict: logically you know you need to take an action, however you can’t get yourself to take the action. Generally you justify this by a generalised form of “I don’t feel like it.” Therefore the first step out of procrastination is:

  1. Take action whether you feel like it or not.
  2. Clarify and fill any knowledge gaps
  3. Consider your future self
  4. Identify your particular pattern of procrastination.
  5. Address directly any emotions or situations you may be avoiding with procrastination.

I have a more detailed article on procrastination here.

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