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Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression can be a debilitating condition characterised by chronic feelings of emptiness, isolation, hopelessness and pessimism about the future. People who experience depression usually have low energy and enthusiasm for life, and can find it difficult to take action to improve their state.

Depression requires a holistic treatment approach, and hypnotherapy can assist in with certain aspects of it, including:

  • Changing habitual negative thought patterns (rumination).
  • Helping you respond more effectively to your feelings.
  • Increasing your motivation to take gentle action.
  • Letting go of the past.
  • Refocusing your mind toward a brighter future.

Many people choose to take medication as a treatment for depression. I hold no judgement on this and will work with you on whatever plan your doctor has prescribed for you. Regardless of your choice about medication, it is important to learn the skills required to change your focus, and increase your resilience, confidence and faith in your ability to create something better in the future.

Expected duration: 4-6 sessions.

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