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How to overcome resistance

Resistance feels like a force within you that is in opposition to something that you want. Resistance to taking action is common, even when those actions would serve you well. For example, you say you want to get fit. You have a multitude of reasons why getting fit would be highly beneficial. You remind yourself of how great it feels to lose weight, build muscle, feel confident, have more energy, take care of your body, and so on. However, when it comes time to work out, there it is. Resistance. You just don’t want to. It’s like there’s a force inside you that is screaming No! Do you have the internal strength to overcome that resistance and work out anyway?

The way that you navigate internal resistance will determine the amount of inner power you possess. Good ideas and intentions only come to fruition when action is taken. To create the life you want, you need to be able to act in spite of your resistance. 

Where does this resistance come from? Why does it feel so hard to align the different parts of us?

Resistance tends to be present when you are on the cusp of change. 

What’s true about human nature, is that familiarity is comfortable to us, even if that familiarity is also unhealthy, stifling or limited.

Whatever is familiar is safe, so when we move to make a change, part of us may be frightened by what this will mean. This part will argue to stay in whatever state you are currently in, rather than face the unknown. 

Action requires effort. Not doing something is easier in the moment, though tends to be harder in the long term as all of those missed opportunities begin to add up. 

Overcoming resistance requires investigating it’s origin. What exactly are you afraid of? Are these fears valid? Can you feel into the emotion that comes up? Can you comfort yourself in the midst of discomfort? Can you reason with yourself to overcome this fear? Can you take action even if fear is present? Is there a deeper need crying out to be met?

This is how you begin the process of working with, and dissolving resistance. If you would like to learn more about how to overcome resistance, please reach out. 




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