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Cultivating self worth

The Journey:

Too many years spent doubting my worth.

Too many years comparing myself to others.

Too many years judging myself according to other people’s reactions. 

Too many years following a path laid out for me by… who exactly?

Too many years afraid to disappoint the people I love.

Too many years hustling for a life I didn’t even want. 

But also…

Whispers from the spirit burning strongly inside me.

Glimpses of a stillness and power within me.

Faith in a freedom from all that binds me.

Moments of joy and bliss carrying me onward.

And then…

The call to shed the layers of falsehood becomes undeniable. 

Following the threads of pain into caves of darkness, beyond which the immense light is patiently waiting. 

Past wounds and the heavy layers of mind reveal themselves for healing and releasing.

As you begin to connect to the divinity within you, the extent of the dysfunction and deception in society’s “norms” becomes so very clear. 

You do not need to hustle for your worth. 

You are precious beyond measure, exactly as you are.

Your magnificence does not require validation.

Your value is not up for debate.

Your career, your house, your bank account, your clothes, your partner, your children, do not define you. 

You are worthy, just for being you. 💫

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