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Holistic anxiety treatment

In my experience, successfully treating anxiety in the long term requires a holistic approach. Here are some of the elements we will work with. (Please note that not all elements are relevant for everyone.)

Conscious mind

Noticing what triggers an anxious response in you and identifying the pattern you are running.

Learning to interrupt that pattern with appropriate tools and techniques.

Understanding and changing the cognitive (thought) patterns that lead to anxiety:


      • Becoming comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity.

      • Knowing what you can and cannot control.

      • Letting go of what you cannot control.

      • Knowing which thoughts to pay attention to and how to curb overthinking.

      • Developing flexibility rather than ‘black or white’ thinking.

      • Developing and trusting in your internal resources (resilience).

      • Stop projecting your fears into the future.

    Unconscious mind

    Identifying and shifting limiting beliefs (I’m not good enough, smart enough, Life is a struggle etc)

    Healing and resolving patterns and wounding from childhood.

    Releasing stuck emotions.

    Tapping into a deeper wisdom, intuition and creativity.


    Generating a feeling of safety in your body by learning to feel and process emotions.

    Learning to self soothe in healthy ways and therefore regulate your nervous system.

    Moving your body regularly and eating a balanced diet.


    Being present.

    Knowing yourself at a deeper level.

    Creating a support network around you.

    Feeling connected to a greater power or purpose.

    Please be in touch if you would like to make an appointment to begin my holistic anxiety treatment. 




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