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Healing Emotional Triggers

One of the keys to growth, change and expansion is being able to work through emotional triggers without immediately descending into old patterns.

When we have a strong emotional reaction to a person or situation, it is often because the situation has tapped into past pain that has not been processed. The pain is coming up as a way to show you what was already within you. 

When you simply blame the person or circumstances (or even blaming or judging yourself), you miss an opportunity for healing and growth. 

Take the opportunity to go deeper. 

What your past pain needs in order to be healed is to be noticed, acknowledged, felt and learned from. This process needs to take place in an atmosphere of compassion, empathy and love. This is what you needed but didn’t get as a younger person! 

So stay curious when you are emotionally triggered. 

Notice what your body is experiencing.

Allow it to be there.

Notice the story your mind is telling you. 

Don’t attach to it. 

Are you reminded of any situations in the past where you felt this same way?

Comfort yourself as you breathe through this experience. 

Allow yourself to feel, and release. 

Use tools like journalling, tapping, movement, breathwork, and meditation.

Each time the trigger arises, drop into the process.

Stay curious.

However remember it’s ok to ease off if you are feeling overwhelmed. 

Emotional healing doesn’t happen in one go!

You will find that the emotional charge lessens each time you do this, until as some point, you notice that you just aren’t so bothered by things that would have been a big deal for you in the past. 

You will then be much more effective at taking grounded action and  managing situations with clarity and confidence, because you won’t be overwhelmed by your emotions or past wounds.

Be kind to yourself along the way because it’s a journey.

If you would like some help with healing emotional triggers, please reach out.

Alarna xx




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