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5 reasons you may feel stuck (and what to do about it)
Here are some common reasons you may be feeling stuck:
  1. You prioritise comfort over growth.

Change is rarely comfortable, so if you avoid feelings of discomfort your progress in life is more likely to be slow. Where can you start  to push your edges? All growth lies in those uncomfortable spaces.

  1. You blame others for your problems.

Not taking enough responsibility for your circumstances keeps you feeling powerless and in victim mode. Where can you take some of that power back? Even if something wasn’t technically your fault, it is still your responsibility to heal from it and deal with it. 

  1. You have a “fixed” mindset.

Are you doggedly fixated on doing things a certain way even though it’s not working?  Questioning assumptions you have made in the past can lead to a more creative and flexible approach. Try something new if the old ways aren’t yielding the results you want.

  1. You don’t take consistent action.

Lasting change not only requires the right mindset and planning, but also committed and consistent action towards achieving that outcome. Look for ways to show up more consistently in your real life actions. 

  1. You are underestimating your progress.

Perhaps you are actually further along than you think! Be realistic with your expectations and know that all good things take time. Keep going. 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you overcome all of the above. Your thoughts, beliefs and choices are instrumental in moving you forward into the life you want to create. 




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